“A dreamlike experience.”

We are a family of 5, including our older family dog Max. Worried with previous carpet cleaners not allowing our boy in after the services were provided, we don't worry with Victory Cleaning, we opt for the greener options because Max accidentally sneaks in sometimes while the carpets are drying. We are left satisfied each time. Isaias provides excellent service and can always fit us in a timely manner.

— S.S.P

“I love the fact my son and I can lay our faces on the carpet and know that it is actually clean!”

I schedule cleaning every 6 months because of the messes that occur with my tot, my favorite part about the carpets being cleaned is knowing and being able to play on the floor with my son or read a book until he falls asleep. I've never noticed the difference until I had Isaias come out to clean our apartment and what a HUGE difference. He definitely makes the small moments in our lifes into memorable ones.

— V.H.S


What stood out the most is that VCS, genuinely cares about the satisfaction provided. I didn't expect for the company to follow up on their services and that alone made a big impact on me calling them back for my next carpet cleaning need.

— M.L.

“Stellar, professional service.”

My room mates and I had a special event take place and needless to say we had spills and messes left from that taking place. We called Victory Cleaning Services and was able to get someone out the next day. I had no idea how dirty our carpets truly were, as I thought the cause was from the party. Sure enough my stairs, and bedrooms were also left looking much brighter and cleaner. We also asked if there was any deodorizers that could be added for an extra clean feel. We were left feeling like we had brand new carpets.

— F.M


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